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Our story is just beginning

Our Story

Stories are central to our work at Next American Media Makers – learning and sharing them, recording and producing them. As with almost everything worthwhile, a story truly comes alive when our own narrative shines through to connect us with our audience.


We galvanize the power of media, create positive community change, and help build the next generation of Media Makers through our five program areas below:


About NAMM

NEXT AMERICAN MEDIA MAKERS  provides the training and experience for our future digital content storytellers, or “media makers,” to find a clear path to success in higher education and careers producing digital content for news, business, government or community advocacy.

Online Blended Program

We've launched a new Video/Content Producer Program designed for busy professionals. This hybrid online/classroom program is not only more accessible - it's also more affordable.

The Digital Workforce Development Program

We help Cities turn their under-utilized cable access channels into powerful communications and engagement platforms while training a new digital workforce.

In-School Digital Media Academy

While we prepare students for the digital jobs and careers of the present and future, we train them to revitalize their school’s digital platforms (websites/social media) into powerhouses of engagement and advocacy.

Community Journalist Initiative

Media company consolidation has left too many communities in “the dark” – ignored and marginalized. We are training the next generation of citizen journalists.

Digital Media Bootcamp

(6 and 10 week Workshops) – Anyone working on community outreach, education and engagement must now have digital content production skills.

The Asher/Rafael Story Project

Using the Power of Story we work with young people who have survived trauma or tragedy to reclaim and reshape their Narrative – and their lives.

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