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This Career & Technical Education Training program introduces students to nearly every facet of digital content production and provides them with foundational knowledge, combined with hands-on production experience to take advantage of jobs and careers as digital content producers.


Students who complete the program will be prepared to immediately enter the job market after graduation or to continue their education in a two or four-year institution pursuing video/content production or filmmaking with a considerable advantage over other students.

The program is designed for grades 9-12, and can be expanded into a two or three-year program. And, in addition to a rigorous training curriculum, the program also provides students an opportunity to create a unique news/information platform for the school or school district.

Victor's Media Makers curriculum created transferable employment skills to our youth in the tech field. It opened up new career possibilities for our youth they never considered. 
Maggie Cervantes, Executive Director, New Economics for Women (LA)


The Next American Media Makers program is more than a video/digital content production education. Our program teaches students vital “soft skills” that strengthen their opportunity to succeed in either higher education or any future job or career. Showing up on time, working effectively in a team, the importance of deadlines and schedules, communicating professionally and respectfully with others. These are valuable skills for any workforce of the future.

The experience I had with media makers was really great because I had access to cameras which I could shoot, film and edit. And it made me meet new kids and learn some new software.
Andre R. 9th grader - Los Angeles


  • We improve the participant’s overall academic achievement

  • We position interested participants towards video/digital content production as a higher education pathway

  • We introduce students to careers in digital media production

  • We significantly increase the participant’s confidence and improve their social skills

This is really something that’s getting them outside their own comfort zone. They’re nervous about trying something new but they get super excited. When they finally get some content (to work on) that they really enjoy, they’re really proud.
Cynthia S. - Youth Counselor
Many students in the Compton Unified School District are very interested in arts and entertainment so we see this as a step in that direction providing them an avenue to explore those interests.
Dr. Darin Brawley, Superintendent, Compton Unified SD
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