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The Next American Media Makers works with cities and community organizations to train a new digital workforce and attract clean and higher-paying jobs to their communities.

Most of the 80+ cities, school districts and colleges in the state with their own TV channels completely under-utilize this valuable resource. Used primarily to broadcast council or board meetings and then as a “community bulletin board” these cash-strapped cities say it’s too expensive to invest in TV technology.

But by partnering with local workforce training programs and local colleges and universities, we help cities build robust civic engagement, news, advocacy and even entertainment platforms. The “content” these new Citizen Producers create can also be used on all the City’s platforms – websites and social media. Now the City has a much more powerful way to engage, educate and inform the community.

Some Cities are using their new platforms to launch regional news programs. Some Cities tell us they want to use our training program as a strategy to create partnerships with local businesses and industry.

But perhaps more importantly, these Cities are now building a skilled digital workforce that can attract cleaner, better-paying jobs.


This strategy is even more effective for community organizations, particularly those who work with young people. Our workforce training program combines critical technical as well as “soft” skills that will open the door for well-paying digital careers.

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