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NEW Media Makers in Action

Yami Cifuentes, one of the students in our New Economics for Women (NEW), Media Makers Workshop, sets up for a shot in Van Nuys.

These young media makers started shooting their projects last week. Yami and her team partner, Jennifer Salas, are shooting a profile of martial arts instructor Alexey Kunin, who teaches a class at the Van Nuys Recreation Center.

Jennifer Salas shoots Instructor Kunin's stretching exercises as he gets ready to teach his weekly class.

Jennifer and Yami took turns shooting and interviewing the subjects for their project.

This week Jennifer, Yami and other media makers will sit down with classmates and Editing Instructor Sassy Mohen, and learn how to edit their stories on Adobe Premiere Pro software.

In the meantime, three other student media maker teams will grab their gear and shoot their stories.

Stay tuned for updates - including the student projects!

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