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Professional Media Makers Support NEW Students

Filmmaker Ayana Saunders was the most recent guest speaker at our New Economics for Women Youth Workshop.

Ayana shared the intriguing story how she became a media maker and encouraged students to never give up on their dreams - no matter what they are.

Along with Filmmakers/Producers Wil Prada, Sassy Mohen and Antonio Ogaz, our students are being exposed to highly successful media makers who are as committed as us at Next American Media Makers to ensuring the next generation of media makers more closely reflects the America we really are.

Student teams have been shooting their projects over the course of our workshop and have already started editing them. The assignment: Find stories about people in your own neighborhood. Students never went more than two blocks from the NEW offices in Van Nuys to identify, research and then shoot their stories.

Their stories included profiles about an audio engineer, a martial arts instructor, a hair salon owner and a volunteer at an animal shelter.

The student teams will present and showcase their projects the first week of April at a special reception in Van Nuys for their parents and their friends.

#digitaldiversity #mediamakers #contentproducer #digitalcontent #powerofstory

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