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NAMM Partners with Sabio to Launch Innovative Workforce Project

Next American Media Makers today announced an exciting new partnership with Sabio, one of the nation's oldest and most successful coding "bootcamps"in the country. Through Sabio, NAMM is launching a series of intensive Digital Content Productions courses designed to train students for jobs and careers in one of the fastest-growing tech sectors.

The first course - part of a two-track program that includes a course in Advanced Digital Content Production - starts the week of June 18. The program is only accepting fifteen students in the first cohort so spots in LA and the Irvine campus are expected to fill rapidly.

"Because of our amazing success training and placing software engineers and full stack developers into highly-competitive jobs - we were ready to expand our program to include the 'front end' of digital technology," said Sabio CEO and Co-Founder Liliana Monge.

Sabio has graduated hundreds of "Fellows," as coding bootcamp students are called, and celebrates a placement rate of nearly 87% - one of the highest in the bootcamp industry.* Sabio graduates are now working for some of the biggest and most influencial industries in the country such as McKinsey, Wal-Mart, ...

"We are excited to work with Lili and Gregorio Rojas and the rest of the Sabio Team," said NAMM Director and Founder Victor Abalos. "They have set incredibly high standards for workforce and specialized skills training - standards we believe are necessary to give our students the best chance for success."

The Digital Content Production program is based on a Project-Learning model, emphasizing hands-on experiences and utilizing state-of-the art digital content production hardware and software. The proprietary curriculum also relies heavily on extensive research conducted of the content production “industry” including interviews with dozens of industry professionals and a careful analysis of the current job market.

The Program is designed to focus primarily on providing real life job skills training matched with current job market opportunities.

"People eager to get into the dynamic content production field finally have a place to get the cutting-edge training they need to succeed," said Abalos.

Abalos and the Sabio Team are now scheduling Information Sessions, both online and in person. And in May they launch a short series of one-day Digital Content Production Workshops to help potential students understand the rigorous coursework. Successful completion of a Workshop is required for admission to the program.

Contact us for more information.

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