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Media Makers Invited to Help Educate Students at Tech Expo

A regional tech career “Expo” expected to draw 800 hundred community college and high school students on May 4 will feature a presentation and workshop by Next American Media Makers (NAMM) Founder Victor Abalos.

The Digital Tech & Entrepreneur Career Expo 2018, scheduled for Friday, May 4 at the Pasadena Convention Center is billed as a “technology immersion experience” by its organizer, LA Hi-Tech. The event will feature representatives from several regional tech companies at the forefront of media, mobile, internet/gaming and digital technology.

The NAMM workshop is "High-Tech Tools for Creative Digital Production," and will feature two digital production experts as special guests.

Also participating will be Sabio CTO Gregorio Rojas, who will present the "Blockchain Technologies" workshop. Sabio and NAMM recently announced a strategic partnership which will allow Sabio to provide digital content production courses through it's popular tech bootcamp program.

"We're excited to be a part of this event," said Abalos. "We will have the opportunity to engage hundreds of young people and educate them about all the amazing opportunities in tech. It's critical we create and feed pipelines of young people of color into the tech industry."

Sabio and NAMM have partnered with cutting-edge video production companies working in VR and drone technology to ensure students get access to the latest tech in video and film production.

“Skilled pilots and camera operators are hard to find and it is equally as difficult for those people to break into a market so heavily dependent on relationships,” said Bryan Houser, CEO of Vuabov Drone Rentals & Services. Houser will be co-presenting Sabio/NAMM's Digital Production presentation with Abalos.

“Events like the Digital Tech & Entrepreneur Career Expo allow companies like ours to source quality talent and give new pilots and camera operators a place to start building their network and develop key business relationships," said Houser.

"It's so important for today's students to know the baseline of today's modern tech,” said KJ Knies, CEO & Founder of Ingenious, and another co-presenter in the digital media workshop.

Ingenious is an interactive production company specializing in VR and 360 video production. “Young minds are the key to innovation but a person must be educated on what has come before in order to see what's next."

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