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Next Media Makers Class Starts Soon!

Our next cohort of media makers launches January 8 with only two spots left!

Our intensive course has expanded to 12 weeks with increased emphasis on video production - particularly on the short form videos which are increasingly popular on almost all digital platforms.

Whether you're looking for a fresh start and a new career - or if you need vital digital skills to launch or grow your business, project or campaign - digital content production has become almost a necessity.

Our Summer Cohort included PR professionals, digital entrepreneurs, film industry professionals, teachers and journalists. They graduated from our program not only with new and highly competitive skills, they also left with a confidence in their new skills.

These digital content pros are now producing videos, blogs, creating infographics and creating the content their projects, programs and clients need.

Find out more about our program - produced in partnership with Sabio, the premier coding bootcamp in the country - and find out if you have what it takes to enroll in our demanding course. In three months you can either be right where you are now - or out in the field as a new media maker producing digital stories for your business, nonprofit organization, advocacy group, government agency or just for yourself.

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